Using Fleet Tracking Solutions
to Boost Driver Safety


Unsafe driving causes significant out-of-pocket expenses, increases liability, and most importantly puts lives in jeopardy. Driving is the number one cause of workplace injuries.

Azuga’s report, “Using Fleet Tracking Solutions to Boost Driver Safety” is an excellent resource for any one managing a fleet or mobile workforce. It provide a checklist plus 12 valuable tips to start or improve your driving safety program.

You’ll learn:

  • The real costs of unsafe driving
  • Behaviors that increase the risk of accidents
  • 7-point checklist and 12 useful tips to build an effective driver safety program
  • The role of fleet tracking in boosting safety and reducing costs and risk

“With Azuga, we saved tens of thousands of dollars in lower insurance premiums, reduced speeding and seen better driving behavior resulting in  achieving positive results in our accident control program.”
National HVAC Company

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