Fleet Tracking Buyer's Report

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Whether you are just looking into new solutions, or looking at options for a better GPS Tracking solution, compared to well-known providers like Geotab, NexTraq, GPS Insight, Verizon or Fleetmatics, our Fleet Tracking Solution Buyer’s Report gives you nine crucial questions that you should be asking any fleet tracking vendor.

Fleet tracking solutions show a strong positive return on investment for customers that invest in the technology. As the demand has grown for fleet tracking solutions, so has the number of vendors supplying them, making your process to review them and select one a dizzying prospect. We also describe key characteristics that will help you assess a vendor’s fit and suitability for your fleet so you can make the best selection.


“With Azuga, we saved tens of thousands of dollars in lower insurance premiums, reduced speeding and seen better driving behavior resulting in  achieving positive results in our accident control program.”
National HVAC Company

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